About Us

QUENYA Technology, s.r.o. has been operating in the market since 2001. Initially, our focus was on computer systems, networks, and the development of logistics software. However, times have changed, generations have shifted, and since 2013, we have primarily dedicated ourselves to performance online marketing and all the aspects associated with it. Our team consists of several specialists in various marketing areas, allowing us to provide comprehensive tailor-made services. From building websites to analytics and creative campaigns, we cover it all. Our strength lies in a stable and experienced team of friends and professionals, coupled with a passion for innovation and technology. This enables us to reflect the current trends in the world of the internet.


Vojtěch Sládek

Executive and owner of QUENYA. Vojta focuses on public relations and planning comprehensive marketing communication for key clients. In the company, he has an almost invisible, often ungrateful, but all the more important role as an administrator.

Jan Vácha

Marketing strategist and manager for AI projects. Honza is responsible for strategic and media planning of our clients' campaigns. He is also responsible for organizing courses and trainings focused on marketing and artificial intelligence. He is the main thought leader of the company.

Petr Staněk

Petr is the carrier of good mood at QUENYA and also our sales director. If you connect with us, know that he will delight you with his presence. His main task is regular communication with clients and subsequent distribution of project assignments within the company.

Eliška Sýkorová

Eliška is a social media senior and head of the social team. She has extensive experience from many internal and external projects. Her specialization is campaigns on Meta platforms (Facebook, Instagram). She also participates in creative and graphic projects.

Vincenc Che

Vinc is a crucial part of the company and is responsible for all web development. He can breathe life into new projects, is very client-oriented, communicative, and friendly. This, combined with his programming and coding skills, gives clients the assurance of quality work.

Karel Brabec

If you're dealing with SEO, Karel is the right person. Within the company, he manages the complete portfolio of clients and, in addition to on-page optimizations, also leads the team responsible for off-page SEO and link buildin

Michal Šroubek

Michal is one of the most experienced members of the team in the field of online marketing. In the company, he serves as a PPC and SEO supervisor, consultant, and trainer.

Veronika Kotíková

Veronika writes best of all in QUENYA. In addition to copywriting, she deals with clients themselves, email marketing, and partly PPC campaigns, which she successfully manages along with her colleague Michal.

David Žilka

The youngest member of our team, David is our brain in the field of creative graphic design. Whether you need to design a poster or even a complete visual identity for a company, with David, you can be sure the design will be original and captivating.

Karolína Petříšová

Need to solve something quickly? Karolína is the right person to turn to. She takes care of communication with clients or processing reports within the company. She is also our TikTok expert, keeping an eye on current trends to ensure we stay up-to-date on this social platform.

Honza Petříš

One of the main building blocks of our team is Honza. He is more than qualified for creating text posts, video creation, and editing for social media. His innovative ideas contribute to improving the websites of our clients.

Karolína Hladíková

Hardworking and responsible are the words that best describe Kája. Organizing business negotiations and communication with clients are her specialties. Among other things, she actively engages in social media to streamline the websites of our clients.

Soňa Urbanová

Soňa has been working for QUENYA since 2001 and is an integral part of it. She has experienced its ups and downs during economic crises, and all the while, she takes care of finances and accounting.